Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Whats the worst ever error on a Rave flyer?

We love rave flyers as an artwork, but they were an advert back in the rave days and still are today.  Computers back in 1992 were not widely owned or used and certainly your typical rave promoter was not someone you could guarantee would be good at typing, spelling (or even reading) and many had a tendency to over exaggerate the attractions at a rave event to make it sounds as appealing as possible.   Ignoring these exaggerations (he says blushing) what obvious blooper mistakes have you seen on a rave flyer?  I was looking at a Fantazia Club Tour flyer from back in 1993 (Club Tour 9) and noticed that it had the event listed in the wrong year!  Doh!  No harm done I guess as people would realise when it was but I am sure other companies must have got the actual day wrong? Maybe the venue?

Why did these things happen?  Time pressure, typing error, last minute changes to the license or venue the list goes on.  However let it be a warning to all you budding promoters out there!  Proof read, proof read, proof read oh and get someone else (and possible 10 others) to proof read your lovely looking artwork!

Do post your comments on the worst mistake from a rave flyer from then and now....enjoy a browse of the rave flyer archive...
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