Sunday, 27 April 2008

So who designed flyers from the hardcore/rave days?

Fantazia had their own in house designer back in 1992 who did many of their classic flyers, Obsession similarly used some one they new and who was local to their home town of Cheltenham. Many of the other rave companies like Helterskelter, World Dance, Dreamscape, Raindance and more used either Junior Tomlin or Pez. If you click their names you can read interviews and profiles on both of them. Well worth checking out for a bit of scene history.

Current hardcore rave flyer designs

There is definitely a certain style to the present day rave/hardcore flyers. In 1992 Fantazia lead the way with computer generated graphics, like this one from the Second Sight. These days the look of hardcore flyers is very different.

The likes of Hardcore Heaven, HTID etc use a new style, bigger bolder text, with photos from the events. They seem very busy and the front image is either not prominent or secondary to the logo lettering. Things should change though and I like the look. If we still did the same old imagery it would be a back step and very unimaginative. Fantazia use a seperate style, similiar to the past but instead with the trademark (from the album series) girl picture. These are not stock shots either, but from photos shoots expensively styled and shot, which is why they don't look tacky like some other imitators who attempt to use the same format.

Saturday, 26 April 2008

So whats different with the Rave Flyer Library?

We are putting lots of effort into the rave flyer library. It takes an ages to scan every flyer both front and back and internal pages as well. So whats the difference between our archive and other sites? Well we are making an effort to scan the flyers in a higher resolution than most sites have used (now that the internet is much faster, we think you deserve to get flyers of a resolution that can be printed. You can also read all the text on each flyer. Plus a smaller image pops up to see if this is the flyer you are looking for before having to open the main flyer.

But the biggest change is that we have also included the backs of the flyers, which most sites have not taken the efort to include. This means you can now read the details of who was on the line up, where the venues was etc etc.

We hope to also link the flyers to any reviews etc we have from the night. Lots more work to go but we hope you like what we have done.

Friday, 25 April 2008

Y is for Yikes

Yikes held rave style events from around 1992 one of their first being at the Rivermead Center in Reading. They were more drum n bass/jungle than classic hardcore with the pa at this one being 2 Bad Mice and DJs along the lines of JJ Frost, Randal etc. The image shown is from a party from New Year 92 that they did in conjunction with Kaos at the Academy in Brixton. Its our favourite of the flyers we have so far found.

Rave flyers now for sale

You can now buy many of the rave flyers we have in the archive as we have them on sale. Price and conditions of each flyer do vary and we hope to have bundles of flyers for sale soon for those who want a cheaper way to get their collection started. If you have any questions about the flyers do get in touch.

All will be sent in board backed envelopes for their protection.

Which brings us on to, if you have a collection of flyers and would like an offer, let me know and we will see if we can come to a deal. Send us any email to

Z is for Zest

Zest is for Zest at Venue 44 in Mansfield. Though why do so many flyers not have the year on!!!! We dont know to much about this night, so if you can help with the years, or reviews do get in touch.

We have just completed another big upload and loads more flyers are now in the archive.