Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Why did flyers get smaller?

I made an earlier post about size o flyers in the early 90's getting bigger and bigger. But what is obvious is that after a certain period the began to get smaller again. Now I am sure their was an element of cost saving on the printing involved but that doesn't fully explain things. The reality was that it was very expensive to transport and hand out large flyers. New methods were evolving to reach clubbers. Companies like Out of Hand were formed who gave out flyer bags containing many rave companies flyers and other stuff all at the same time. This was cheaper and easier for them and also for the promoter. The limitation was the size of the bag, this was normally less than A5 in size.

I like the flyer bags when I get them as they contain so much however they do lack that feel and I do miss the large ones that would look great on your wall, these little ones just dont compare for that.

Thursday, 19 June 2008

Do Women get offended by the imagery?

Along with a lot of the fashion, music, leisure industy we use pictures of sexy ladies in skimpy tight clothing to advertise our events and products. This start for Fantazia with the House Collection and House Collection Club Classics albums where each featured a girls posing or dancing on the cover, the series was a massive hit and we have continued using the same imagery for events as well since then. This includes the massive series of sellout events in Scotland as well.

Now clearly the albums sold and the event flyers attracted people (at least the men). But do women find this a turn off?

I think not, half the audience are female and half of them are dressed in a similiar way. Now maybe a squarer section of the society would disaprove, but they are most likely the ones that would not attend in anycase and we don't miss them.

What do you think?