Monday, 30 January 2012

Whats the best ever rave flyer?

With over 20 years of rave flyer designs to look at it maybe a hard job to pick out the best one.  We of course love our early ones including Fantazia Summertime with the computer generated designs as they were simple but iconic for the time but the work involved in creating them does not compare to our latest range of flyers that are far more complex which is allowed by much more powerful computers, layered photoshop images and greater availability of extra images.  But I digress. Even I don't see a Fantazia flyer as the best ever rave flyer (though I do wish it was!).  No in my personal opinion the winner from all those years has to be.....

Universe Tribal Gathering 1993.   Not only was the party huge, but so was the flyer.  Multiple pages and featuring original super hero characters. It was a real inspiration and the map of the huge site made the party look immense and of course all those that went know that it was.  I remember us all flicking through it time and again in the office marveling at how Universe could have afforded to produce it.  Its also a very collectable flyer now selling for over £10 each.  Many have copied its Superhero style over the years and it has served as an inspiration to our own latest event flyer for Fantazia Superheroes at Motion on the 31st March.  Whats your favourite flyer and why?

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

A host of Fusion and Fibre Optic rave flyers added

We have added a host of Fusion and Fibre Optic rave flyers to the archive.  Fusion had a very distinctive series of rave flyers that still look great today. There venues range from the small from sterns, Bath Pavilion to Sanctuary and Wembley Arena.  See which is your favourite. View now...