Tuesday 22 January 2013

More rave/dance magazine covers uploaded

We have a massive range of old rave and dance magazines in stock and we have. Just updated the section of the rave flyer pages. On fantazia .org.uk that has them with 50 new scans of the front covers meaning you have a better idea of what's inside.  More uploads are on the way soon

Wednesday 5 December 2012

The Tripper early 1991 Burgess Hill rave flyer & DVD

The Tripper early 1991 Burgess Hill rave flyer & DVD has been released to sell on the website. This event was held in October 1991 in the South and featured marques.  We have recently put up for sale of copy of the footage from the event on DVD for those that went and we now have the flyer available to view on line.

We didn't make this Sussex event but the footage sure looks fun, with some interesting interview.  Let us know you memories if you went

fantazia. org.uk/flyerlibrary/raveflyers_t.htm - View the flyer
fantazia .org.uk/Mailorder/dvds.htm - Buy the DVD

Wednesday 26 September 2012

Want to own a bit of rave history? Then check out our new releases of Eternity magazines including issue 1

Want to own a bit of rave history? Then check out our new releases for sale of Eternity magazines including issue 1. Eternity ran for over 50+ issues. It regularly ran articles profiling DJ's, covered detailed events reviews, reviewed music, gave drugs information all related to rave music from many genres.  Eternity magazine also at times went on a much weirder trip doing stories on Alien Abduction, religion, witchcraft and things nothing to do with the scene, but clearly of a passion to its editor.  Initially the magazines had an overall look and feel but as they went on, especially toward the end of the magazine, some of the fonts, font sizes and font colours went a little haywire getting smaller and smaller with very colourful back grounds,  which does make some of the very lengthy articles hard to read.

Eternity mag is a classic read and really does give you an insight into raving at the time, they are also full of pictures of ravers, which may include you...!

Monday 28 May 2012

Rave flyer offer: Buy any 4 flyers and get 1 free

Rave flyer offer: Buy any 4 flyers and get 1 free flyer to the value of the cheapest you have bought from the Fantazia rave flyer archive.  Just email your choice after you have placed your order.  This offer is exclusive to the Rave Flyer blog readers and is open until 31st August 2012.

Get browsing our rave flyers now we have thousands from many different rave companies:
View the rave flyer archive

Friday 18 May 2012

The ultimate creative rave flyer or just dam hard to keep looking mint?

What am I talking about?  Die cut flyers.  Championed by the likes of Jungle Fever these flyers are cut into a shape of an object. Jungle Fevers ones are in the shapes of heads, lions, statues and more and they do look very cool because of it. However as a collector were these just difficult to stop from getting knock and creased corners?  Some of the flyers were even made in the form of a wearable mask like the Jungle Fever one shown here.  Die cut flyers are rare as not many companies made them. The cost of the cutters back in the 90's was quite expensive and they certainly cost more to print and design making them a luxury few promoters thought worth the risk.  But we love the ones in our collection and are pleased they exist.  Fantazia's only contribution to this genre is our Millennium flyer with the cut out eyes....

View Jungle Fever flyers...

Tuesday 15 May 2012

Lets do a little Raindance...with some flyers

It seems to have been raining for forever so we thought it was about time that we added some Raindance flyers from our vaults to the rave flyer archive. Raindance early flyers certainly had some weird themes.  Check them out and tell us which is your favourite.   We have also add many many more flyer scans to the site to various other promoters and this includes many more for sale as well.

If you have some Raindance flyer that we don't have and can send scans we would love to hear from you. We have many missing ones to add and will keep searching.

View Raindance flyers now...

Sunday 12 February 2012

Clever Rave Flyer designs

Designers have tried many looks on rave flyers from futuristic, erotic to retro, some even creating whole pieces of original artwork.  Some of the cleverest designs have been parodies of famous brands products or TV programs.  Companies like the Eclipse, Amnesia House, Sterns and Quest led the way.   We include some of those images below.  Which have we not mentioned?
View rave flyer archive to choose your fav...

Monday 30 January 2012

Whats the best ever rave flyer?

With over 20 years of rave flyer designs to look at it maybe a hard job to pick out the best one.  We of course love our early ones including Fantazia Summertime with the computer generated designs as they were simple but iconic for the time but the work involved in creating them does not compare to our latest range of flyers that are far more complex which is allowed by much more powerful computers, layered photoshop images and greater availability of extra images.  But I digress. Even I don't see a Fantazia flyer as the best ever rave flyer (though I do wish it was!).  No in my personal opinion the winner from all those years has to be.....

Universe Tribal Gathering 1993.   Not only was the party huge, but so was the flyer.  Multiple pages and featuring original super hero characters. It was a real inspiration and the map of the huge site made the party look immense and of course all those that went know that it was.  I remember us all flicking through it time and again in the office marveling at how Universe could have afforded to produce it.  Its also a very collectable flyer now selling for over £10 each.  Many have copied its Superhero style over the years and it has served as an inspiration to our own latest event flyer for Fantazia Superheroes at Motion on the 31st March.  Whats your favourite flyer and why?

Wednesday 25 January 2012

A host of Fusion and Fibre Optic rave flyers added

We have added a host of Fusion and Fibre Optic rave flyers to the archive.  Fusion had a very distinctive series of rave flyers that still look great today. There venues range from the small from sterns, Bath Pavilion to Sanctuary and Wembley Arena.  See which is your favourite. View now...

Tuesday 6 December 2011

100 new rave flyers scans added to the Rave Flyer Library

We have added over 100 new rave flyers to the Fantazia Rave Flyer library.  We have more than 600 other scans due to be added to the library over the next month.  We aim to make the library the largest and easiest place on the web to find a flyer scan free of charge. Addition this time fill in many of the blanks in the B, C, D and E sections by promoter including this great Diehard one featuring a load of flyers.   View more Rave flyers now...

Saturday 17 September 2011

What is the most expensive rave flyer that there is?

We have just sold a Dreamscape 1 flyer in mint condition for £25 equalling a Fantazia Club Tour at the Barrowlands flyer that we sold some time ago.  Generally flyers don't sell in very large amounts but it is undoubted that some have a special place in peoples hearts and that some just really are very rare compared to others.  We printed 1 million flyers for the Fantazia One Step Beyond event in 1992 (the biggest event of ours by some way) and yet they are still very collectable which means rarity is not everything in the price as with that many floating around it just can't be as rare as other event flyers that where only printed in the 000's.

What is the rarest flyer you know about? Which would you love for your rave flyer collection and why?  Did you go to the event or just love it as a form of artwork?

Tuesday 13 September 2011

Whats the worst ever error on a Rave flyer?

We love rave flyers as an artwork, but they were an advert back in the rave days and still are today.  Computers back in 1992 were not widely owned or used and certainly your typical rave promoter was not someone you could guarantee would be good at typing, spelling (or even reading) and many had a tendency to over exaggerate the attractions at a rave event to make it sounds as appealing as possible.   Ignoring these exaggerations (he says blushing) what obvious blooper mistakes have you seen on a rave flyer?  I was looking at a Fantazia Club Tour flyer from back in 1993 (Club Tour 9) and noticed that it had the event listed in the wrong year!  Doh!  No harm done I guess as people would realise when it was but I am sure other companies must have got the actual day wrong? Maybe the venue?

Why did these things happen?  Time pressure, typing error, last minute changes to the license or venue the list goes on.  However let it be a warning to all you budding promoters out there!  Proof read, proof read, proof read oh and get someone else (and possible 10 others) to proof read your lovely looking artwork!

Do post your comments on the worst mistake from a rave flyer from then and now....enjoy a browse of the rave flyer archive...

Monday 5 September 2011

Rave Flyer Library updated: Amazon, Amnesia House and more added

We added about 30 new flyers to the rave flyer library today infilling many of the images for flyers listed under A, B and C.  We continue to scan and add flyers as time allows and as always are pushing to finish them all as soon as we can.  Notable flyers added this time were ones from Amazon, Amnesia House, Awol, Bare Necessity, Bass Odyssey, Club Kinetic, 3D, Dance Paradise and many more.

As always if you have any scans we can use of early rave flyers do get in touch.

View the latest rave flyer additions added...

Friday 26 August 2011

Buy this original picture that was used in this Eclipse flyer

If you are interested in purchase the original artwork that this flyer was based on do email sales@fantazia.org.uk your offers!  Own a little bit of rave history.

Thursday 25 August 2011

What would an original piece of rave artwork be worth?

We were approached today by the original designer of some of the Eclipse, Coventry's artwork wanting to know what the original hand draw image might be worth.  We had no idea.  What do you think? The flyers can sell for £10 so would £50 be enough or £100 or is it just priceless?  Well we hope to be able to put a price on it soon as the designer may be looking to sell it and we will be offering it to you as soon as we get an interview and showcase of his other work up on the site.  It would be great to track down more of this sort of stuff!

Monday 27 June 2011

Rave flyers were collectable by kids in 1992

Rave flyers were massively collectable back in 1992 check out this article about how rave flyers were the new swapping item in the playgrounds across the country.

Monday 20 June 2011

Visual Energy by Simon Parkin now on Fantazia rave flyer dissertation

Thanks to Simon Parkin for giving us permission to reproduce his dissertation "Visual Energy" about how rave flyers influenced the acid house scene from the early days. Click the title link to read it the full piece.  Section 1 covers the origins and rise of the scene whilst section 2 is the one that deals the aspects of the flyers. With sections on piracy, visual sampling, technicolour, express your self and mind blown amongst others.

This is a great complimentary article to kick off our ever expanding rave flyer library with and it well worth a read.  Enjoy.

Wednesday 8 June 2011

Evolution, The Edge & Equinox & Quest flyers added

Our big push to finish the rave flyer library continues a pace with another 100 images added today alone, including flyers from Evolution, The Edge, Equinox, Dance Trance & Quest amongst others added.

We are determined to keep the pace up and get all the flyers in our collection scanned and added by the end of July.

We hope you enjoy being able to easily browse so many rave flyers in one place.  If you have flyers that we don't we are happy to receive scans to fill in the gaps in our collection.

Tuesday 7 June 2011

Amnesia House and Desire flyers added to the library

Some great new flyer scans added to the library from Amnesia House and Desire added to the library. enjoy. Some real classics. In there

Wednesday 25 May 2011

Rave flyer updated under way Eclipse, Slammin Vinyl, Starlight done

After a long wait which we at Fantazia really apologies to the old skool rave fans out there for the project to complete scanning in of all the rave flyers we have in our collection and available is finally back underway. Today we completed adding the missing flyers we have for parties from Eclipse, Obsession, Slammin Vinyl and Starlight,  we expect to continue to add flyers through June until they are all complete.  Enjoy